All our products are made exclusively out of discarded materials.

During 2008 we put a lot of effort in researching with new materials.

To our known car upholsthery, designed for continuous usage, is non-flammable and easy to clean material, we add the waterproof EPDM rubber membrane, a resistant, light and reciclable material

Elegant, functional and resistant defines our new bag collection.

Each WASTE product is completely unique. Our goal is to transform the undesirable into desirable. In order to be efficient in our production techniques, we use different textiles and measurements, making each piece one-of-kind.

Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels

Description:Made out of discarded leather seat headrests mixed with rubber membrane. Straps are made out of recycled tyres.

Dimensions:W64cm H41,5cm D21cm, straps 105cm

Materials, Quantities and Pricing:

Brown Scale Leather Price: € 193.00 Quantity: 3
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